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Is Exercising Bad for Your Teeth? | Family Dentist Vienna VA

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It is well known that exercise is essential for good health. Can it harm your teeth in the long run? A number of studies found by our Vienna, VA dentist have linked fitness and exercise habits with increased risks of tooth decay and erosion.

Sealants for Adults? | Dentist Vienna

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Sealants are often thought of as a treatment for children, but adults can also benefit from them. Sealants are used to protect our teeth by sealing the deep grooves and crevices in the chewing surfaces. According to a study performed by the American Dental Association,

Your Child’s Routine Dental Appointment | Dentist in Vienna

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The American Dental Association recommends that all patients schedule routine six-month check-up exams. This is particularly important for growing children. Their mouth is constantly changing, and they are often more prone to tooth decay. It is vital to establish the correct oral health habits when they are young so that it becomes a lifetime routine. 

Creating A More Youthful Smile | Dentist in 22181

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Your smile is one of the first things a person will notice when they meet you. You can create a more youthful smile with one simple procedure. Whitening your teeth can make you look younger, especially if your teeth are currently stained, dull or discolored.

Making Oral Hygiene Fun for Your Child | Dentist in Vienna VA

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As a parent, the best way to help ensure your child has a lifetime of healthy teeth is to help them establish great dental hygiene habits as they grow. It can be difficult to get young children to cooperate with brushing and flossing. Making the routine as exciting as possible will make your life easier.

The Importance of Screening for Oral Cancer | 22181 Dentist

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Like with every form of cancer, early diagnosis can have a profound impact on the success of your treatment. Regular screenings are your first line of defense against oral cancer and our dentist in 22181 is thoroughly trained in screening for oral cancer.

Prevention and Treatment of Periodontal Disease | Vienna Family Dentist

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Almost half of the population in the United States has been diagnosed with moderate to severe periodontal disease. Periodontal disease can range from gingivitis (mild inflammation) to  periodontitis, a major oral disease that can result in soft tissue damage, bone destruction, and even tooth loss.

The Benefit of Adding Flossing to Your Routine | Vienna Dentist

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You have heard the recommendation from your dental hygienist or dentist in 22181 over and over again: “You need to start flossing. Flossing daily is important.” Although it may sound like a broken record at times, flossing truly is instrumental to both your oral and overall dental health.

The Optimal Oral Health Routine | Vienna Cosmetic Dentist

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If it has been more than 6 months since your last dental visit, it may not be possible to regain optimal oral health care without the assistance of professional care. While creating your oral health plan, make sure to start by scheduling an examination and professional thorough dental cleaning with our team.

What is a Cosmetic Dentist? | Family Dentist Vienna VA

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Despite popular belief, there is no official dental specialty for cosmetic dentistry. There are, however, countless courses, training programs and advanced training which can allow a general dentist to master the art of dentistry. When considering cosmetic dentistry, start with a consultation. 

What to Expect During Your Cosmetic Consultation

Just as you wouldn’t paint a house that has yet to be built,