Dental Implants

Vienna Implants Dentist

Dr. Shivani Maharaja of Vienna, Virginia knows that getting dental implants requires much thought and planning. Various aspects must be considered because the procedure is a little more involved than other cosmetic dentistry treatments. Therefore, patients will need to be in good general health.

Vienna Cosmetic and Family Dentistry has built a reputation for providing the highest quality care. Dr. Shivani Maharaja along with her entire team of dental experts would like to share our knowledge and help you make an informed decision. Should dental implants be the best dental treatment for you, know that you’ll get outstanding dental care in our Vienna dental office. Our team members are trained in various phases of implant dentistry.


What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a small titanium screw that replaces the root portion of a missing natural tooth. Thanks to the biocompatible properties of titanium, dental implants naturally bond with the jaw bone. Dental implants can be used to replace either single teeth or all of your teeth in both the upper and lower jaw. Our implant patients have commented on their improved smiles, seen a boost in their confidence, made eating and drinking more comfortable, and even improved the shape of their face.

Considerations before getting dental implants

Our team members will consider your general health and oral health when planning for dental implants. A facial evaluation includes checking your jaw bone, gums and teeth surrounding the area of treatment. Certain medical conditions including diabetes and osteoporosis can affect the success of a dental implant – our advanced planning of possible outcomes minimizes failure rates.

Dr. Shivani Maharaja at Vienna Cosmetic and Family Dentistry in Vienna, Virginia reminds us that the placement of your dental implant can also determine its success rate. “If a dental implant is placed in a structurally stable part of the jaw with adequate bone thickness the likelihood of success is high,” says Vienna Cosmetic and Family Dentistry Dentist, Dr. Shivani Maharaja.

If implants are right for you, call now to schedule an in-office evaluation (703) 281-0902.


Dentist-Vienna-8Google Reviews – 5 Stars

Dr. Maharaja is a great dentist – gentle hands, very knowledgable, and makes you feel very comfortable through the entire experience. I usually get really nervous at the dentist but she definitely made me feel at ease. Her staff is very friendly and the wait time is very minimal. I went in for a cleaning and didn’t have to sit around forever. The office is very clean and has the latest equipment.” – Angela K.

“I was always afraid of the dentist due to childhood trauma. Having random tooth pain for several years was too much to bear so I made a courageous decision and decided to see the dentist. That was when I met Dr. Maharaja, who changed my view of dentistry. She would take her time and explain what is going on in your mouth and leave no questions unanswered. At first I was scared having any work done due to the idea of being in extreme pain while being worked on, but I was surprised by what gentle hands she has. I did not even feel the needle as I was getting numbed for restorative work. After being made sure I was comfortable enough to be worked on, I can say, the work was done in a flash. Nothing was felt. No pain nor discomfort. I can say for sure that she cares about her patients and not treat you like you’re just another patient of the office. I would highly recommend Dr. Maharaja to anyone looking for a professional, knowledgeable, and caring dentist. – Henry L.

I came in as a new patient to Dr. Maharaja’s office. I hadn’t had a chance to fill out my paperwork ahead so Genevieve handed me the laptop to fill it out. I didn’t have to wait and was immediately escorted to the back of the office where they took X-Rays of the entire skull by Dr. Lee. She asked me to remove my earring and after the X Ray she wiped them clean before handing them back to me. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they cared even about the little things. Later in the office specific X-rays were taken. Dr. Maharaja came in as soon as those were done and explained everything very clearly. They have huge monitored where they pull large X rays up so I didn’t have to strain my neck and was clearly able to understand what was seen. We even spotted my right septum being crooked! That helped explain why I wake up at night with a blocked nose!! I was recommended a deep cleaning however we were doing a regular clean that visit. After looking at my teeth, I was taken for a cleaning with Susan. She was so kind. She made me feel extremely comfortable. She said it was okay to raise my hand if I wanted her to stop for ANY reason. I did not feel rushed at all and she answered all my questions. I left with a toothbrush, tooth paste, floss and the widest smile on my face. Dr. M sent me a card with a hand written note on how I was doing with her personal cell number within 4 days of the visit!! There was no pressure at all to reschedule and when I called to I was quickly squeezed in the next day. Genevieve also informed that I should eat before the treatment in case I am sore after keeping my jaw open for a long time, so I ate before the appointment. This time I was promptly taken to Susan who started the anesthesia and began scaling. I consider myself to be very sensitive to pain and was a little nervous. I had a few calculus but she did not let me feel a thing. After the anesthesia wore off at home, I felt very normal and comfortable I was immediately able to eat and drink everything. Later that evening Susan called to check up on how I was doing. I am actually looking forward to deep cleaning the other side after the weekend. 😊 – Amoli V.

I have been seeing Dr. Maharaja for a few years. The hygienist at this office is excellent and cleanings are thorough and painless. The office staff is pleasant and knowledgeable. Dr. Maharaja is very friendly and easy to talk to. The office is clean, calming and ON TIME! Dr. Maharaja has removed my wisdom teeth, replaced my mercury fillings with porcelain and we’ve done teeth whitening, all with state of the art equipment. I am very happy with her work and recommend this practice to everyone! – Michael T.